The Stables are located north of Newcastle Upon Tyne near the market town of Morpeth in Northumberland. The conversion provides a family home and a base for Kelly Architecture. The existing stables and barn date from the mid 1800’s and have been converted in a classic modernist style. This timeless style and practical solution is representative of the approach of the practice. New work contrasts with the existing whilst retaining the integrity of the original building by clear use of quality contemporary materials providing a fusion of old and new. Externally, the existing building has been maintained with the only interventions being the addition of an entrance lobby built in matching stone and new doors and windows to existing openings. Internally ,taking it’s cue from the existing structure the design provides a dramatic mix of open plan living (eg. double height living area for displaying a variety of artwork with a mezzanine gallery), combined with smaller more intimate spaces for the more private accommodation

The Stables
High Clifton Farm